James A. Cummings

Ft. Pierce Central High School

This new 368,334 SF high school project consists of two 2-story classroom buildings, a 1-story gymnasium/cafeteria/auditorium building and a 2-story administration/classroom building. The buildings are located around an 113,050 SF beautifully landscaped central courtyard and spread out on a 54.5 acre site in Ft. Pierce, Florida. The structure consists of concrete tilt wall panels with structural steel and metal decking. The new high school facility hosts over 2,500 student stations and the 16,490 SF cafeteria is capable of serving all students in three shifts.  There are two outside dining areas covered with an aluminum canopy and 12,920 SF of inside dining area.  In addition to the public cafeteria, the high school boasts itself with a 1,689 SF Culinary Arts Department that has its own 3,071 SF fully functioning kitchen which serves its own 4,500 SF dining area and concessions to the athletic facilities.  The construction of college level tennis courts, soccer, football, baseball and softball fields are also included in the project.