James A. Cummings

Dr. Phillips High School

Dr. Phillips High School is home to Orange County’s Performing Arts magnet, Center for International Studies, one of the top sports programs in the state, and 3800 students, the most of any Orange County high school. Construction includes renovation and remodeling of the 300,000 SF existing main campus as well as various code upgrades at the 70,000 SF North (9th grade) Campus. The renovation of the Visual and Performing Arts Center includes extensive renovations to the theater space, construction of a “black box” theater that the school will use as a rehearsal space, addition of costume storage facilities and other elements to support the theatrical program. The gymnasium is being renovated along with modifications to reconfigure the existing student drop off and parking areas. This will improve traffic flow and increase safety for parents and students during pick up and drop off times. Separate entry drives for students and parents are also part of the construction project. Construction also includes the building of an ice storage facility plant for the campus HVAC, a facility that can cool the campus at less cost than traditional cooling tower systems. The ice plant also contains fewer moving parts which makes it easier to repair. A new two story classroom building is being built where the current tennis courts stand, and the other existing multi-level classroom buildings will be renovated with a large open courtyard, making it easier for students to flow through the campus. All work is being performed around the occupied, fully-operational campus to enable continuation of the educational environment.