James A. Cummings

Blanche Ely High School

This two story addition to Blanche Ely Senior High School was constructed on a 4.26 acre vacant site and consisted of approximately over 55,000 SF of new construction. It was designed to house 30 new classrooms consisting of a three story building that includes 22 new general classrooms, 2 art labs, 5 self-contained ESE classrooms, an administrative suite, 2 teacher planning suites, student and staff restrooms, and custodial service closets. The new facility will also include a free-standing Culinary Operations (Foods) Laboratory. This 3,250 SF teaching & training kitchen includes state-of-the-art food service equipment with multiple types of electric/gas ranges, griddles/grills, ovens, broilers, kettles, mixers, laundry equipment, dishwashing equipment, and cooler & a walk-in freezer. Custom fabricated prep tables, exhaust hoods, fire suppression devices, and equipment are used for food & vegetable preparations, baking, and teacher demonstrations. The Kitchen is used to provide culinary arts training on all types of equipment that students may encounter in the industry and is also used as a catering type facility for school functions.