James A. Cummings

Village of Key Biscayne Civic Center

The Village of Key Biscayne consists of a multiple phased project which included a 25,238 square foot Fire Station/Civic Center, housing the Fire Department, the City Council Chambers, and the Village’s Emergency Management Staff; a 39,946 square foot Police Department/Administrative Headquarters Building, housing the police department, city administrators and the building department; and a 38,200 square foot Community Center, with an 80 car underground parking garage, a large community swimming pool, and the Village’s Recreational Department.  As this project was phased, each element required close coordination with the major site infrastructure work, which was completed under this contract.  This work included all new roadways, utilities, a lift station, power, phone, and fiber optic duct banks, site lighting, signalization, and landscaping.  In addition, as part of the infrastructure work, a large central 3000KW emergency generator, secured entrances for the Fire/Police Departments, total site surveillance, and the Village’s Maintenance Vehicles parking were provided.