James A. Cummings

VA Central Energy Plant, New VA Medical Center

The Central Energy Plant is a $42 million, 52,000-square-foot facility that supports the new VA Medical Complex in Lake Nona, FL. The plant provides a multitude of services to the hospital and other campus facilities, including power, emergency power, chilled water, steam and water. The building was designed and constructed to meet mission-critical blast rating criteria and houses very sophisticated equipment, including eight emergency generators with a total of 20,000 kW prime and standby power, five centrifugal chillers and related cooling towers with a total 8,000-ton capacity; three 750-hp fire‐tube boilers, a two‐million gallon water storage tank, and a 208,000-gallon underground fuel storage system. The CEP was designed and built to meet sustainability objectives as part of the overall VA Medical Complex, which is registered as LEED™ Silver.