James A. Cummings

Paul Rein Detention Facility

This project includes construction of a new 70,000 SF kitchen/warehouse facility (Phase 1) capable of producing 6,000 inmate meals per day, and a new 1,000 bed, direct supervision, Women’s Detention Facility (Phase 2).  The Detention Facility includes 2 four-story detention towers and a central, two-story administration building, all totaling approximately 250,000 square feet.  The kitchen portion of the project includes a massive new 70,000 square foot industrial kitchen/warehouse facility.  Separate areas were provided for multiples ovens, ranges/grills, kettles, and dishwashing equipment, each with their own exhaust hoods & utility distribution systems.  Project also included a loading dock with drive-in coolers and freezers sized for fork-lift operation.